Felsted Prep Unite with Prince Harry
Year 7s from Felsted Prep School had the great privilege of meeting HRH Price Harry last Thursday (14 September 2017) as he was shown around the Wilderness Foundation at their Chatham Green project headquarters.
The children were there on their Education for Social Responsibility, Life Skills and Leadership Day, which had the theme of ‘Survival’ at its core. 
Prince Harry joined the children on their activities of den building, nettle tea production, mindfulness and poetry of the senses. He chatted informally with them, encouraging them to care for the environment and themselves.


I am very grateful to Prince Harry and the Wilderness Project for affording our pupils this exceptional opportunity. It was a truly wonderful experience for them all to meet a member of the royal family who has such a passion for outdoor education and mental well-being, two of the things we value extremely highly at Felsted, with our own Forest School and Well Being Centre. He engaged with our pupils with real empathy for the project they were undertaking, asking their opinions and checking on their well-being.

Simon James, Headmaster.


He was so friendly and funny and got really involved in building our dens. He asked me about bush craft and whether I had slept in a den, like he had done as a child.

Harry, Year 7 Felsted Prep.


We were talking about leaving a trace in the environment and I told him about my concern for rubbish. He really listened and understood my thoughts and wanted to ask what we did as a family to combat it. He was so kind and he really seems to care.

Jess, Year 7 Felsted Prep.


I told Prince Harry about our Global Gang project at school and how we are trying to reduce electricity usage. He really encouraged us to continue with our work both at school and at home.

Halle, Year 7 Felsted Prep



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