Felsted Prep Spring Charity Day

Our Spring Charity Day on Friday 15 March was a huge success. Over 132 children ran stalls to raise money for a charity of their choice. From dart throwing to soft toys, to treasure maps, to cake stalls and name the teddies, there was something for everyone!


The children were fantastic in planning, setting up, running and clearing their stalls away and the rest of the school kindly supported their efforts at long break on Friday. 

A record £1550.38 was raised for over 20 charities. £353.53 was also raised by the whole school for wearing something ‘red’, which will go directly to Comic Relief.

I was so impressed by all who took part, whether running a stall or spending money at it! It shows a compassion for raising money to help those around us in the wider world and service to others was truly evident. Please see the photos of the event in action.

Mrs Julie Green
Head of Ffrome Court