Felsted Hosts MUN Conference on Sustainability

Felsted School’s Model United Nations (MUN) held its 10th conference on the theme of sustainability, hosting 19 schools from across the region, including a selection of delegates from Felsted Prep.

Pupils represented different countries, voicing the nation’s opinions with the aim of bringing about positive change. The delegates came together to discuss and debate the ever present issues of sustainability through responsible consumption and production and how as a society we can all play a part in constructing a sustainable future.

“MUN has taken me around this country, and also to conferences in the Netherlands and Greece” comments Felsted Year 13 pupil, Elliot Reeve, the conference’s Secretary General. “This multidimensional perspective has been invaluable in providing a well-rounded and holistic view of how to engage in political discourse.”

There were a variety of debates across the conference covering topics such as access to water, management of food distribution and waste, Israeli-Palestine conflict and the prevention of sexual violence against women in war torn areas.

The delegates were also lucky enough to attend a workshop and talk from Brad Frankel, the co-founder of Flooglebinder, an activity provider for the Duke of Edinburgh who are dedicated to conservation and sustainability. He covered a range of issues from leaving the tap running when brushing teeth, to spending a little more money on ethically sourced food products.

Felsted’s MUN has been successfully providing debate for young students for ten years and celebrated with a large cake for all delegates. Felsted’s Director of Co-Curricular and Conference Organiser, Ms Rebecca Purdy comments; “In ten years I too have learned a lot from the debates my students have taken part in. I don't know the answers to all the questions raised, but I do know that they are always worth asking and debating.”