Felsted Five Challenge

By Felsted Head Student Team

We would like to challenge you all to take part in the Felsted 5 challenge. This will be an inter-house competition where you “Do 5, Tag 5 and Donate 5”. We have chosen Broomfield hospital to support this year. The money that we raise will help to provide care packages and other essentials such as hand moisturiser and toiletries for staff who are currently working there and to help furbish the new Woodland Retreat Centre at Broomfield, all of which will be highly valued during these challenging times. We have also decided to make this an inter-house competition and the percentage of people taking part will be calculated with a participation prize for the winning House so make sure you do your part for your House.

So how can you take part? ‘Doing 5’ can be anything that you can possibly think of, whether it’s running 5km, playing 5 piano pieces or baking 5 cakes, anything goes. Once you have done your 5, you can tag up to 5 other people on any form of social media to carry on the challenge and if you want to, you can tag the Felsted charities page on instagram to be featured on it.

To donate please follow the QR below or click here to access the donations page

With this challenge we don't only want to support the hospitals but we wanted to try and bring the community together during a time where we have to be separated. We would love it if all students and teachers took part. Thank you for participating.

Making a difference at Felsted


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