Felsted Anti Bullying Ambassadors

On the 26th September, a group of 9 Felsted Sixth Form students took part in the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training day. 

The training was held at Royal Hospital School and we spent the whole day partaking in various group activities where we vocalised our knowledge and opinions on bullying within our current society.

 It is a very important issue in today's world, especially within schools; yet Felsted is very lucky with the support and guidance it offers. During the day we discussed the different types of bullying, particularly online, along with creating different ways we could make our school aware of the problems and issues it causes. 

Some of the suggestions we made were; awareness posters hanging up on toilets outside the wellbeing centre, a play or dance show or speed dating to get to know everyone, particularly those outside friendships groups. 
It was a very well planned, thought-provoking day, which I found extremely beneficial and would definitely recommend to all those hoping to make a difference.

Felsted’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are:

  • Sebastian Martinez-Minnet
  • Jasmine Irvine-Scott
  • Vivian Beale
  • Joshua Robertson-Groom
  • Konstantin Eise
  • Wendy Wang
  • Daniel Sanchez O’Brien
  • Milly Adshead Grant
  • Henry Barker


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