Equality and Diversity Committee - Video & logo

This Spring Term (2021), the Equality and Diversity Committee has continued to meet on a weekly basis and our main focus has been on making a video to share our vision of why these issues are so important for the future of the School and the well being of our community. 

Old Felstedian, Dara A, played a particularly important role in shaping the script for the video and Zoia O did lots of complex technical work behind the scenes to produce the final end product. 

The result is now ready to view below and we hope that you enjoy it! Another member of the committee, Marlene M, has designed a logo for the Committee, which perfectly encapsulates our ethos. If you have any suggestions for issues that the Committee should address or would like to get involved, please get in touch with rp@felsted.org.

Rakesh Pathak
Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee
Head of History and Politics