Education for Social Responsibility, Life Skills and Leadership Activity Day

In September, Year 7 set off on a short drive to Chatham Green for a fun day of survival experience. Having been separated into smaller groups of three or four they were set the legendary ‘Egg’ challenge. The goal was to simply protect an egg for the entire day, with no rules. After all, in the actual wilderness you must learn to live by nature’s rules!

Read Tom's full report below to find out more.

Heading off for an explorative walk around the site, we appreciated the scents, sights and sounds of early autumn. Army green oaks stood tall over smaller trees already succumbing to autumn’s reddening calls. Crickets piped up in fanfare song at our arrival, (not really, but it at least sounded celebrational) and hidden birds broke into their wondrous melodies. Recently turned fields served as secret homes to an abundance of minute life, hidden beneath soft, mud-brown soil.
Arriving back at the forest, we constructed haphazard forms of dreamcatchers, although mine turned out as more of a multi-coloured spider’s web! After decent toil and play under the beating midday sun, we headed back up to the visitor centre to have a refuelling and rejuvenating packed lunch. Next, we regrouped in our forms to ‘compose’ a form of musical. Though ideas varied in reality, all of the classes completed this task to a level of decency, smothered in layers of humour! Everyone was involved, and no one was left out - I think it was for this reason that everyone enjoyed it so much.
Following on from that, we set out on a hunt to find anagrammed words to complete a phrase, ‘Live by nature’s rules.’ Of course, we didn’t know this at the time. Having un-muddled the words and completed the phrase, we raced back to the forest to claim our edible reward. The groups then, for the second time that day, returned to their forms to perform their musicals in front of everyone. At the end of our fun day, the groups retrieved their eggs (assuming that they were still intact) and crushed them in a race for the much desired prize.