Christmas Safi Hampers & Stocking Fillers

Are you stuck with what to buy a relative or a friend this Christmas? We have the perfect answer. We are pleased to announce we have 40 Safi Coffee Christmas Hampers available to order this year.

Each hamper contains the following:
1 x 227g Bag of ground coffee, 1 x 200g Bag of coffee beans, 10 x ‘One Cup’ Coffee Bags, 1 x Safi Mug, 1 x Chocolate Santa.
The cost of the hamper is £35.00.

We also have a Christmas Stocking filler that contains the following: 2 x ‘One Cup’ coffee bags (1 Decaf and 1 Regular)
The cost for one stocking filler is 1 for £2.00, or 3 stocking fillers for £5.00 or 8 for £10.00.

All profits from the sale of the hampers and stocking fillers goes towards sending Ugandan children to school. If you would like to order your hamper and/or stocking filler, please click here and complete the form, and our elves will be busy making them in time for when we break up. All orders will be available to collect from school. Please be assured in preparation to make the hampers and stocking fillers, Covid-19 regulations will be followed.

Watch out for next week's launch to name our Safi Gorilla. Voting will take place in school for students and via the newsletter to parents. Please check out next week's newsletter for more information.

SAFI COFFEE Christmas Hamper Order Form