CCF Remembrance Service Parade

The Felsted School CCF conducted a Remembrance Service Parade on Sunday 14th November. In order to prepare for this special occasion, the CCF spent many hours practising drill in the weekly Friday activities. We were then able to display our hard work, and our respect on Remembrance Sunday in reflection to the lives of the many fallen heroes across many conflicts who have put their lives on the line for our freedom. Many were members of the Felsted community. Despite the rain, the CCF carried on with professionalism and respectfulness, as deserved on such an occasion. I felt a deep sense of pride being able to be one with the community, this being the first public display from the CCF since the COVID pandemic. To everyone that came along to show their support, we are extremely grateful. 

Following the parade, the CCF marched to the chapel where the school service took place. The service was moving as always and the whole school showed their respect for this day of reflection and remembrance. As RSM I am immensely proud of the CCF, and all should feel a sense of pride for what has been achieved in representing Felsted School