Blue Sheep Charity Project

Felsted’s Thomas Tong (Yr 10) has had an article published in a leading Chinese newspaper after working hard publicising the work of Miss Pinniger and her charity shop in Chengdu, Blue Sheep which sells handicrafts created by disabled people.

He has had the great opportunity to work closely with Professor Thomas Lansner of the University of Colombia, who has very kindly given him several online sessions on this project. From this, Thomas created a slideshow presentation which sums up Blue Sheep Charity Shop and why it is related to the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Recently, after sending his work to a news agency in China, China Daily (a leading Chinese media) has published the article in its newspaper. After which the article has been widely reproduced by Chinese websites.

See below to find out more about Miss Pinneger's work, which Thomas is keen to continue supporting.