Black History Month Competition Results

Once again, our recent Black History Month competition has been a great success and it is encouraging to see this event gradually becoming embedded within the School’s culture. We have had over 100 entrants this year and the quality of the submissions has been incredibly high, demonstrating pupils’ real sense of engagement with the subject matter. There has been some excellent artwork but also some powerful pieces of poetry and even several documentaries; as well as thoughtful and perceptive articles on a wide range of figures, some of whom really do deserve to be better known! This year, what has really struck me is pupils’ sense of genuine connection with their chosen figures; and their careful research has also brought home to me the fascinating range of black peoples’ contributions to British life, both in the past and present.

As ever, deciding on the winning entries was an unenviable task! However, after careful deliberation, it was felt that 5 entries in particular were deserving of recognition. Thus, each of the following pupils will receive a Headmaster’s Commendation and a copy of David Olusoga’s Black and British-A short, essential history, as a prize:

Samuel B- Year 9- essay on Paul Stephenson

Jemima B- Year 9- essay on Walter Tull

Red E- Year 7- portrait of Mary Seacole:

Edward F- Year 9- video about Stephen Lawrence

Grace M- Year 9- poem about Walter Tull

Congratulations to all concerned and you can see some of the winning entries on our new ‘Equality and Diversity’ noticeboard outside the Safi Coffee shop. I hope that although Black History Month is now officially over, we can carry on with positive conversations about what it means to be British in the 21st century and how Felsted can be a truly welcoming and inclusive institution for all its pupils and staff.