BBC Young Reporter

BBC Young Reporter is an exciting opportunity for young people to get involved with the BBC. BBC Young Reporter (formerly School Report) works in partnership with schools, colleges, youth organisations and charities to provide young people with the skills they need to create and understand the media.

On Thursday 5 March The BBC Young Reporter Team interviewed Jude McKelvey (Felsted parent) to ask her about her time playing rugby on Mount Everest. It was very inspirational to hear her thoughts on this adventure and learn about the challenges she faced completing this task. We were amazed to hear that, as a team, they raised more than 30,000 for charity. 

We learnt how she adapted to the difficult conditions on Mount Everest.  It was sunny in the day and you could get sunburn, but at night, it was freezing. Conditions were different to those she had expected. It was almost impossible to prepare for this challenge as the high altitude can affect you in different ways. 

We have learnt that with a bit of application and a positive attitude anything is possible. We asked her if she considered herself to be an inspirational lady and she said ‘You don’t need to climb mountains to be inspirational - you can be inspirational in the small things you do’. An important message for us all to remember. 

We are very grateful to Jude Mckeley for giving up her time to give such an interesting interview. 

By the Young Reporter Team