Arthur appointed Litter Commissoner

Arthur T, Yr 1, has been making a difference in his neighbourhood during lockdown. When we all went into isolation before the Easter break his family decided to think about something they could do for our community beyond food supplies and mowing the lawn for elderly neighbours. They started 2 things.

1. Litter picking
2. Growing veg plants for those who didn’t get seeds in time.

They started litter picking the lanes around their house in March after seeing a rise in rubbish being dumped by cars or fly tipping. Arthur appointed himself the Litter Commissioner for Littley Green village and so far has collected 18 black bags of litter from the curb side and ditches, retrieved 6 fly tipped bags of garden waste! He has promoted this to his villagers to ‘Help Keep Littley Green clean’ via his local parish. The local pub let them use their bins. Arthur has really been able to relate to it following his work in class around Earth Day and caring for the environment.

The family has also provided several neighbours with seed potatoes, tomato and bean plants and young pea shoots to grow from home. Plus fresh bunches of flowers from their cut flower patch. It has kept them far more in touch with their dispersed country village population and allowed Arthur and his sister Pheobie to take a greater pride in the area they live in. Every little helps.


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