Anti-Bullying Week 2019

During Anti-Bullying Week Felsted’s ‘Diana Award’ Anti-Bullying Ambassadors were incredibly active across the school, talking about bullying and its impact. L6th students Vivian, Milly and Victoria spoke to the Senior School at Headmaster's Assembly to introduce the week and to highlight our message about what constitutes "banter". 

Tutors followed this up with their tutees with an activity to get them thinking about how they could become an Upstander rather than a Bystander in a bullying situation. 

Wendy, Vivian, Seba and Daniel also went to Felsted’s Pre-Prep to talk to the pupils and they thought about kindness and all enjoyed paying a compliment to the person sitting next to them.  

Anti-Bullying Week also saw "Odd Socks Day" marked across the school with students wearing mismatched socks to represent that we are all different but equal.  The senior school student team also talked to Years 5&6 about social media and the impact of bullying.  

The Ambassadors worked incredibly hard to mark this week and it was very much appreciated.