Adopting the Girls on Board Approach

As a school,we have decided to explore an approach called ‘Girls on Board’ which is a tried and tested method of helping girls, between the ages of 8-18, to navigate the choppy waters of friendship.

We have already delivered an introductory session to the Year 7 and 8 girls and in the coming weeks we will be presenting to our girls in Year 9-13.

The girls were incredibly enthusiastic and were very keen to participate with their thoughts and ideas. There were some incredibly humorous role plays which had us all in stitches and highlighted just how complicated friendships can be. Hopefully we have given the girls some tools and strategies to help them as they go forward in regards to their friendships. 

A number of the HMs will be working with the girls and hopefully we will be giving them some tools and strategies to help them in their daily lives as they work through their friendships. There is also a Parent Handbook which you can look through, giving you some more information which you can find here. Please do talk to your daughters about these sessions and do get in touch if you have any questions.