Senior Head's Blog: Oliver!

Last week reminded me what a wonderful privilege it is to be the Head of Felsted School, as the various casts and crew of 'Oliver!' put on a series of exceptional performances.  As with all things that are of such a high standard, the final performance is only a small part of the process, and I am hugely grateful to all those who have worked so hard over weeks and months in order to deliver this show at such a high standard.

We often talk about the value of teamwork in sport (and quite rightly), but to put together a play, with key roles double or even triple cast requires cooperation of the highest order.  Add in Music, Choreography and everything required behind the scenes, the team stretches towards nearly one hundred people in all.  Each performance that I saw seemed to get better than the last, and I can understand that there must have been a sense of emptiness on Saturday night when the curtain finally closed.  

Nevertheless, this experience will have created memories that will last for years for all those who took part.  I am sure that it will also have inspired many others to want to participate in Drama, whether back stage or as a performer and this will help to ensure that Felsted Drama remains at such an outstanding level.  If you are interested in taking part in future shows, but have not yet got involved, do speak to one of the Drama teachers, perhaps think about taking some LAMDA lessons, or just give it a go.  

As well as developing teamwork, those involved also have to be expert at self-organisation, they have to learn to prioritise effectively and they are improving their skills in front of an audience, which could be crucial for future careers.  Well done and thank you to all who did take a risk and put themselves in the spotlight, and to all those who worked tirelessly to make that happen, while staying behind the scenes.  

I was also hugely proud of the 1st XV rugby team, who have enjoyed a highly successful season, in winning two nail-biting cup fixtures.  In both games, the result came down to a very late kick at goal, and in both cases, Felsted managed to achieve the win.  Playing in the right spirit, working incredibly hard for one another, and not giving up.  Well done to the squad and best of luck for the next round - the last eight of the national competition.  Sadly, the 1st XI hockey team, having just beaten Bishop's Stortford College, could not get a result against Marlow in their cup match, despite some excellent play, but they will be stronger for the experience.

This weekend provides a much needed break, with the Exeat.  I know that Year 11 are facing mock exams next week, so will want and need to do some revision, but even with that group, it is important to get some rest.  This is a long term, and a long half term, and with three weeks to go until we break up, I would urge everyone to take some time to recharge batteries and be ready for the last part of term ahead.

Chris Townsend
Head, Felsted School