Senior Headmaster's Blog: A global sustainability challenge

Last week, we had our first newsletter 'quick survey' on the proposal to hold a meat free lunch every third Tuesday in school.  The suggestion of 'meat free lunch' was put forward by the pupil body, via the Food Committee, and after it was clear that this was a controversial proposal, it was put to a vote among the pupils and staff. The outcome of this referendum was 415 in favour, with 275 against, and 120 abstentions.  The purpose of this is not to drive people away from the consumption of meat, but to recognise that there is a global challenge about sustainability that needs to be addressed.

The UK industry can be proud of its environmental record and progress in this area, and the chart gives some of the details of the positive impact that can be achieved. Meanwhile, at Felsted we are proud to support local producers, and as many ingredients to our kitchens are locally sourced as possible.  

We feel that this ensures the best tasting food, but also minimises the environmental impact of transporting goods from around the world, and supports local suppliers.  We will continue to provide a varied, balanced and nutritious diet for everyone, in order to help our pupils to be healthy.
Chris Townsend