Prep Head's Blog: Where is Love?

Dear Felsted Families,

Our Lent challenge week has been so exciting and has welcomed speakers across the school who have been able to inspire discussion and create time and space for reflection around the theme of ‘Where is Love?’

The level of respect towards our visitors has further demonstrated our pupil’s ability to welcome ideas and to participate with interest and it has been wonderful to witness this in action. 

In our assembly this week, we built on our value of respect and focused on integrity.  We discussed the importance of honesty, sincerity, and moral uprightness in our actions and words. Integrity is a fundamental value that guides us to do what is right, even when no one is watching. It's about being truthful, trustworthy, and consistent in our behaviour.

As we continue to nurture this virtue in our children, one powerful tool we can use is Socrates' Triple Filter Approach, which encourages thoughtful and responsible communication, particularly in the context of gossip and rumours.

So, what does integrity have to do with it?

Integrity forms the foundation of Socrates' approach, as it calls us to uphold truthfulness, goodness, and usefulness in our interactions with others. By instilling integrity in our children, we equip them with the moral compass needed to apply these filters effectively.

Here's how we can integrate the concept of integrity into our discussions about Socrates' Triple Filter Approach:

1.Is it True?

As a Felsted community, we encourage our children to uphold truthfulness and honesty in all their communications. Integrity means being truthful, even when it's difficult. Fake news and spreading false information make it incredibly difficult to identify what is true and our young people have a tough time navigating this terrain when surrounded by media influences and influencers that may not be trustworthy. 

By prioritising truth and going the extra mile to discover what is or is not real, it is possible to build trust and credibility with others.

2. Is it Good?

It is imperative that we foster the knowledge and understanding that integrity also upholds goodness and kindness towards others. We regularly talk about the impact of their words on someone else's feelings. It is a powerful thought that we can all choose words that uplift and inspire, rather than gossip that may cause harm or negativity.

3. Is it Useful?

I know that our whole Felsted community is united in the wish to guide our children to assess the usefulness and relevance of the information they encounter. Using words and actions to contribute positively helps to benefit others.

During the assembly, the children were asked about someone in their lives who they felt demonstrated ‘integrity.’ We had amazing answers that included ‘My Mum!’ and ‘Uncle Geoffrey!’

I would like to thank the Felsted team and our Felsted families for helping to guide all our Felsted learners by being role models and demonstrating integrity. 

With warm wishes,

Miranda Norris