Prep Head's Blog: What You Believe In

Dear Felsted families,

Members of the Lord Riche League took the lead in this week's chapel service, delivering an inspirational message centred around standing up for one's beliefs. They eloquently shared the courageous story of Rosa Parks, whose actions continue to serve as timeless examples of leadership.

By weaving narratives of individuals who have championed values-driven change, I am confident that our learners will draw upon these experiences to challenge the status quo.

As Rosa Parks once said, "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right," and "Each person must live their life as a model for others." Her powerful words, like those of many other inspirational figures, resonate deeply.

After witnessing this impactful chapel service and participating in the mesmerising medley of songs performed by our Young Voices Choir, who graced the O2 Arena alongside thousands of school children, I felt invigorated. 

Despite the potential fatigue from the late return and minimal sleep, the enthusiasm displayed during the afternoon's matches was palpable. A heartfelt commendation goes to the parents who came well-prepared with the warmest coats, hats, and gloves!

The dedication of our coaches in preparing their teams is commendable. The sight of each coach taking a knee during halftime, expertly guiding young players, is truly praiseworthy. Observing the progression of skills, especially when younger age groups play alongside older ones, is a testament to the excellent coaching provided. It was indeed a splendid afternoon.

As we approach the weekend, I wish you and your families a wonderful time. I eagerly anticipate seeing you on the court and pitch next week!

With warm wishes,