Prep Head's Blog: How We See Ourselves


Dear Felsted Prep Families,

The excitement is building and the League Music Competition is within touching distance! I am sure that, like Hamilton House, your households are also on a 'musical repeat' of children practising for the big event next Friday! I can’t wait!

During this weeks’ assembly, we spent time thinking about how we see ourselves? When we see ourselves in the mirror, do we focus on what’s on the outside or what is on the inside? 

For our younger children, we shared the following short video: 

The Reflection in Me

Being able to really see yourself and celebrate your talents and achievements freely is a tough skill to learn, but it also helps to develop positive self-talk strategies that can be a firm foundation for building mental resilience.

We went on to talk about the ‘secret ingredient’ behind hard work and determination. I can say that Kung Fu Panda did feature as part of the message to help children understand that the secret ingredient is themselves.

Whether it is outside on the pitches or inside during lessons or patiently practising pieces for the ensemble or upcoming drama performances, our Prep learners constantly demonstrate commitment. The hard work and effort that I have seen from all our learners continues to be a joy.

Moreover, the kindness that I have witnessed this term has been outstanding and the list of people who will be receiving an award for ‘doing the right thing when no one is looking’ is growing. These awards will be given at the end of term followed by  an invitation to hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

I would like to end by saying that celebrating kindness in all its forms will always be something that we uphold as a school. It is with kindness and compassion that I would like to echo Mr Townsend's thoughts and say that our prayers are with all those who have been impacted by recent events in Israel and the Gaza Strip. 

With warm wishes to all our families,

Miranda Norris