Prep Head's Blog: Service

Being able to follow the recent advent-themed posts on our Felsted social media pages has given some time for our Felsted community to reflect on the ways in which service has played an important part of our lives. 

In the assemblies this week, we wanted to spend some time looking at the examples of charity and service that members of Felsted School have contributed towards. Rather than to try and capture the huge number of moments and events over the past term, we focused on one story in particular. 

Last year, Stewart House children and families raised money to sponsor a puppy who would be able to be trained to become a guide dog. We have now received a picture of ‘Rocky’ who is just about to start his training journey.

We then shared an animated story (with thanks to Pixar) about a young trainee guide dog called 'Pip' who faces a steep uphill battle to become a fully fledged super dog. The story ends with Pip being able to demonstrate his skills when nobody is watching and for no other reason than wanting to help. We ended the assembly with a challenge; What good will you choose to do when nobody is watching?

We still have another 7 days of excitement ahead and I hope the reminders in this newsletter will help keep you on track.

Miranda Norris,
Head, Felsted Prep