Prep Head's Blog: Responsibility to the Environment

Dear Felsted families,

"I want some more!"

For those of you who experienced 'Oliver!' last week, I imagine that this phrase brings back some excellent memories of the stunning performances we were treated to. I was lucky enough to see two performances where children from across the entire school simply shone!

This week witnessed more hard work from our Prep children, families, and the team as they created our very first festive ski wear fashion show. Choreographed dances and catwalk routines were narrated by Mr. Bevitt-Smith, who demonstrated an encyclopaedic knowledge of skiwear attire and protocol! Our amazing team worked late into the night preparing for the earliest fashion show I have ever experienced! 

The amount raised so far has surpassed £1300, with further opportunities to prepare for the season at the second-hand uniform shop. We already have parent requests for a date to be set for 2024! 

My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring sustainable fun to the forefront and raise so much for The Rainbow Trust. A special mention must be made for Mrs Paine, Mrs Green, and Mrs Knight for spearheading and championing, what appears to be, a new Prep tradition.

I can sincerely promise that 'more' is on its way.

Celebrating events that align with the school's aims of enabling pupils to serve and deepen their understanding of their responsibility to the environment is incredibly important to us. When these events are ALSO linked to having fun, they leave a lasting memory of what it feels like to pay it forward. Thank you to all who donated and supported - I eagerly await next year!

Our Felsted community has three incredibly busy weeks ahead, and it will be essential to take care of one another so that we can fully enjoy the upcoming events, including: Grandparents Afternoon, Planet Day, Cross Country, Ebenezer, Science Cosmetics, Christmas Fair, Nativity, numerous rugby and hockey matches, Christmas Cracker Concert, Lamda evenings, Carol Service, Christmas Feast, and many festive extras!

I hope you have a restful exeat weekend and enjoy some quality family time together.

Warm regards,