Prep Head's Blog: Protect our Planet


Dear Felsted Families,

Today heralds ‘Protect our Planet’ day, and the challenge for our young learners to renew a collective commitment to restoring our planet remains.

When we start to think about the work involved in reclaiming our natural resources and making a real difference through ‘reduce reuse and recycle’ methods, it can be a daunting prospect. Can we make a difference? Is there any point? Will the fact that I choose to use one less plastic bottle help? 

These are the questions that our learners will be asking alongside taking a deep dive into the current issues surrounding our planet.

Learners across the school will be challenged today by one word … to ‘Protect.’

Please have these discussions at home and in Hamilton House and ask your children what they gained from taking a deep dive into how we can protect our ice, our Earth and how we can use engineering and our maths skills to take us forward in these areas.

Our visiting governor, Mr John Davies was astounded at the level of engagement he saw from our Year 8 children who were captivated by the live link to the research centre today. 

Our amazing and talented Year 3 and 4 performers have been sharing a timeless tale of a man who discovers how to ‘protect’ and care for others. Their portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge has wowed audiences and helped welcome the spirit of the season to Felsted Prep. The dedicated team have produced yet another stunning production enjoyed by huge audiences. Thank you for your support to our Ffrome Court families who know all the words to the songs and lines!

I cannot end today’s newsletter without paying tribute to our amazing Friends of Felsted team! This year’s Christmas Fair looks to be the biggest one yet! I am looking forward to seeing you there and I am delighted to have been invited to draw the raffle at around 3.45pm! (You have to be in it to win it!)

With warm wishes to you all,