Prep Head's Blog: Ownership & Leadership

Dear Felsted families,

Building on the theme of standing up for what you believe in, Cromwell followed in the steps of Lord Riche and delivered a powerful message in the chapel this week.

When pupils take ownership and lead events such as this, it is a joy and a privilege to see presentation skills develop. It is true that there may be a few wobbles in delivery but without opportunities to practise, skills cannot grow.

I was also able to see 4E in action in their assembly about ‘Family.’ Their special adults were also invited and there were beautiful messages shared about what family means to each member of the class. 

Our very young learners also demonstrate leadership and regularly present news in their classes and share stories with peers and visiting Year 7 & 8 leaders. Each week in their Golden assembly, they are positively noticed and commended for their kindness towards others, their wonderful walking and indeed their use of impeccable manners.

Using respectful language and being polite is something we mirror online as well as in person. Mr Manley has been leading our wellbeing week theme of online safety with opportunities to really understand how important it is to develop and grow our understanding of online activity.

The Year 5 and 6 learners shared feedback from their workshop sessions in assembly and their mature responses give me great reassurance for the digital users of tomorrow.

Thank you for your engagement with our online safety content and I hope that this evening’s Breck Foundation talk will help provide some advice for supporting children as they develop their use of technology in the home as well as in school.

I wish you all a safe weekend ahead with your families,

Warm wishes,

Miranda Norris