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I have just returned to my office after meeting Year 2 children proudly walking to the postbox to send their letters to the North Pole. At this time of year, the excitement is tangible and the promise of gifts and family experiences bring such joy to many.

As with many religious festivals, the meaning that sits behind the traditions are the gifts we can give to each other; time, comfort, joy, warmth and love, to name but a few. We know that there are families across the world who will be spending time together but also families who will find this festive season difficult. Over the last two weeks of term, there will be time to enjoy events and time to reflect on what this season means to each family. As well as a guide to the practical aspects of the events, I want to reach out and share my hope that they bring joy as well as comfort. I will be watching each nativity and as many performances of the Snow Queen as possible, as well as looking forward to our candlelit Carol Service and of course, our Christmas League Feast.  

You will see below that we have a very special announcement to share with you about Felsted’s continued determination to make a difference. Our manifesto for change includes key Eco initiatives that will commence from January 2023 and we will need everyone’s help to form new habits.

Dr. Jane Goodall believes that our youngest citizens have the loudest voices and brightest ideas; she treats them as leaders as she travels the world encouraging people to “use the gift of our life to make the world a better place.”

One small shift has been the Christmas Jumper initiative that has started as a small seed of an idea this year. We know that some people have not been ready to part with their much loved jumper (yet), but watch this space for future reduce, reuse and recycle plans that will undoubtedly grow from our Prep leadership teams. 

Please take a few moments to read the brochure entitled ‘Sustainability at Felsted’. There will be some areas of change that will be easy and others that will need greater commitment. The most exciting changes may be the things that we have not yet thought of!

I will leave you with this weeks’ round up of news from across the school, including some amazing pupil achievements and a brave skydive planned for Great Ormond Street Hospital.


With warm wishes to our Felsted families,

Miranda Norris