Prep Head's Blog: End of Spring Term 2023

I wanted to reflect on some recent events and say that this week, my thanks go to our five leagues at Felsted Prep; Smythies, Grignon, Lord Riche, Cromwell and Gaselee for their continued hard work and efforts. 

Our amazing Stewart House Learners took us on a journey through their League Music Celebration and held their audience captivated with their performances. 

Wednesday’s annual Prep League cross country helped to display determined efforts from all - including some enthusiastic staff members! The course was tough and muddy but the feeling of achievement at the end was worth it. 

From one sense of achievement to another … I am incredibly pleased to share that over 80 bags of litter were collected this week. There is far more to do and the next step will be to analyse the litter and see how much non-recyclable packaging we throw away. We can then begin to assess the impact we have had as a community and start to improve our consumption habits. 

The message we heard from this week’s League reflection, led by Smithies, centred on forgiveness and the power of being able to show understanding and empathy when things go wrong. Listening to their service led me to think about the extraordinary number of sporting competitions that take place each and every week across the school. Being in competitions is not always easy. We have seen a number of huge finals take place over the course of this week and the feeling of joy when a match or game is won is clear to see. 

However, when things don’t go to plan and when there are the inevitable losses, it can be really tough to pick yourself up and carry on. By gently introducing a mixture of performance and competitive opportunities, we know that our Felsted learners build the skills needed to be gracious in both.

This term’s Head’s Commendations reflect a number of gracious, courageous and inspirational acts that have inspired the community and I look forward to our hot chocolate at the start of next term!

This week also marks the beginning of Ramadan and I would like to say Ramadan Mubarak to all our families who are beginning this special period of fasting, reflection and growth

As we enter the next three weeks, I hope that you find time to rest and time to enjoy the Spring weather that (hopefully) has now arrived. Having a break from a very busy school timetable enables all of us to have moments of reflection and time to catch up with family and friends. 

Looking forward to the Summer term, please can I draw your attention to ‘Earth Day’ which is to be held on 21 April (blue and green themed non-uniform day) and our Neurodiversity Cafe in May. 

With warm wishes to all our Felsted families,

Miranda Norris,
Head, Felsted Prep