Prep Head's Blog: A Strong Start to the Term

"We want to inspire the nation ... and we want to make a difference." Sarina Weigman (England, Head Coach)

Our England football squad this year certainly inspired a nation. The Norris household like many across the world,  became louder and louder and we were glued to our screen - wishing we could be there in the stadium. What a moment in history!

The 'Lionesses' inspired the focus for this week's assembly and the challenge was set to think about personal goals and aspirations. It takes a great deal of planning, hard work and determination to 'go for gold' and climb that mountain. In the coming weeks and months ahead, we will continue to set and work towards our goals as a community, as a school and as learners and I am thrilled that we will be working together to achieve them. 

With warm wishes for the rest of the week ahead,
Miranda Norris 


Please enjoy this video!