Prep Head's Blog: New Learning

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."—Albert Einstein

In the first few days of school, I have seen our pupils and families work hard to learn new routines, make new friends and seek new challenges and all with enthusiasm and smiles. 

New learning can sometimes be frustrating and make you feel unsure or unsteady but each time it becomes locked into place, you start to feel that familiar sense of confidence in how much you have achieved. It is vital that we recognise this feeling and celebrate it when it happens so that the love of learning becomes a reward in itself. 

As part of the learning journey, we need coaches, teachers, family and supporters because learning should be challenging, engaging, fun and inspirational. Good learners aren’t afraid to make mistakes and then build on experience and having a safe space to grow is all part of school life.

Recognising and rewarding key learning moments helps to inspire future learning. Phrases like ‘well done’ are all very well but how much more powerful could it be if we use carefully targeted praise. For example; ‘I noticed how you edited your poem by using metaphors.’ Or, ‘I saw how you helped a younger pupil find their way to their next lesson; that was so kind.’ 

As a learning community, we know that praising positive behaviours both inside and outside of the classroom will result in increasing the same behaviours. To that end, we will be encouraging our Felsted learners by rewarding them when they go above and beyond the school values of being: Welcoming, respectful, adventurous, fun and inspirational. 

In our assemblies this week and next, we will be spending time looking at what each of those values means in day to day life and how we can uphold them - even when no one is looking and even when the choice to be respectful is hard. 

Reading about and watching the huge numbers of visitors pay their respects to Her Majesty in Westminster Hall will be a period of history that we will not forget. The nation has demonstrated a level of respect befitting of our longest reigning monarch who worked so tirelessly for her country. A remarkable example. 

During our Harvest celebrations this Saturday, Reverend Little will lead us in a service of thanks. This will be followed by our annual fundraising afternoon led by Year 8 children who have kindly invited me to ‘help’ in the stocks. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

With warm wishes to our Felsted Prep families,

Miranda Norris
Head, Felsted Prep