Senior Head's Blog: Speech Day 2022

I would like to start with a number of thank yous for the last few days.  First, to all the team that worked so hard to put together this summer's Speech Day, and then turned things around for the Leavers' Ball on Saturday night. 

Their work has continued over the last 24 hours as well, as the school has been rapidly turned around in order to be ready for Sunday's arrivals for our Summer School.  We have done all of these things before, but with the break since 2019, it has felt like a new challenge, and the willingness of the staff in all areas of school life to do all that was required to deliver these has been hugely impressive.  

I would also like to thank all the parents for your support of Speech Day.  We were fortunate to enjoy good weather (not too hot in the marquee!), and it was a real treat to see so many people back together.  I am very grateful to Dr Chris Smith for giving us his time on Friday.  I am sure that he will have won many new listeners to his podcast as a result of a brilliant speech.  I was left wishing that he had taught me Science when at school!  I was also grateful to our Heads of School for their words and their work and commitment throughout the year, and I am delighted to be able to introduce the new prefects for 2022-23 in this newsletter, many of whom have been inspired to go for this role because of the work of this year's team and the changes that they have been able to bring about.

My final thanks is to the pupils, whose achievements were the reason behind Friday. Represented by the prize winners on the day, the breadth of achievement and the quality of what has been done over the last year has been so good to see.  It is one of the things that makes my job so enjoyable - that I can enjoy such a range of successes meaning that every day really is different to the last.  

I would also like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of the teachers for their encouragement and cajoling, for their guidance and advice, and for their care and concern for all of the students.  I hope that the summer brings all of you a chance for a break at some point, a chance to reflect and recharge.  For the pupils, I really hope that you find things that continue to inspire you, and that you read, or discover, or learn things that will help you as you go into next year, whether that is heading off to university, starting IB/A Levels or making your way through a GCSE course.  Seek to start September in the best possible shape - rested, recharged, but with a strong foundation for your progress.  Also, always think about what you can do to help others, whether at home or in the wider community.

Have a great summer.  For those who are moving on to new challenges, the very best wishes, and I look forward to seeing the others back at Felsted at the beginning of September.


Chris Townsend