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Senior Headmaster's Blog: Music is a life lesson

In late November about a hundred of us were fortunate enough to be present for an outstanding concert at Felsted, in which we saw a variety of soloists, singers and ensembles perform.  It really was a privilege to listen to such a range of talent, and a reminder of the value of music.

Music is a life lesson. It is not easy to play well, but if you work hard (and effectively) you will get better.  You will also improve if you listen to good advice, and you will improve even more quickly if you develop your independent learning skills.  You often have to make a mistake before you get something right - failure is a key part of the learning process.  

Music is also very good for you.  It provides a creative outlet, and a chance to escape into the world of performance (or listening).  This can be relaxing, refreshing or motivating. It can bring back memories, and take you away to places and people from the past.  

There is also evidence that music aids academic performance (click here to read), although it could be a case of correlation, rather than causation.  

So, take the opportunities, whether as a performer, or just a member of the audience, to appreciate and benefit from the value of music. There are plenty of opportunities coming up in the weeks before the end of term at Felsted:

  • Friday 6 December, 7.00pm - Autumn Concert (Chapel)
  • Thursday 12 December, 7.30pm - Carol Service (Chapel)
  • Friday 13 December, 11.30am - Carol Service (Chapel - for pupils)

Please do come and support, and enjoy. Click here to find out more

Chris Townsend

Music at Felsted