Senior Headmaster's Blog: Dedicated hard work, for a meaningful goal

As the sun shines down on the school on a glorious spring morning, it is very pleasing to reflect on an outstanding term.  This year’s Sports Awards Dinner shone a light on many of the remarkable sporting achievements, but as our guest speaker, Sarah Bolton OF, told us, the secret to success is not a mystery, it is dedicated hard work, for a meaningful goal.

A great message to take for anyone facing public exams this year (or indeed for Year 10, who come back to school exams at the beginning of next term!).  

The key for many students (perhaps after a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, or a ski trip) is to get their exam preparation right, and I will share my 8 points of advice that I have used with the school before.  

  1. Plan a realistic revision schedule, so that you can be successful
  2. Prioritise less favoured subjects and topics, so that you do not put these off
  3. Include rest, exercise & social time, so that you have something to look forward to
  4. Revise actively, with written notes or using laptop, so that you do not end up just looking at a page
  5. Switch off internet and phone while working, so they do not constantly distract
  6. Follow a structure that includes working during the morning, so you can have some time towards the end of the day
  7. Learn, test and review - use past paper questions to support your revision
  8. Eat well, drink water and sleep well - all of these will have a big impact on your ability to retain and use information

Remember that the person who sits at the desk next to you, or shares a house with you, is on your team, and the competition in exams is only with yourself, to do the best that you can. It is worth the effort, and a relatively short term commitment can have a very significant long term benefit. How much better if you can also help others to do better in the process!

Chris Townsend


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