Senior Headmaster's Blog: An outstanding Speech Day and Leavers' Ball

Thank you to everyone for your support with the end of term, culminating in an outstanding Speech Day, and Leavers' Ball at the weekend. We were blessed by some great weather, but also an exceptional speaker in Jojo Moyes, and thank you to her for her inspiring words. I am also hugely grateful to Sarah Barrett and Lucy Barrett, and Howard Smith, for their work in making the Leavers' Ball such a special event to mark the finish for a very special year group.

Have a very good summer. We have already sent the Drama trip out to New York, and the CCF Camp has gone as well. The Teach Uganda trip left yesterday, and Netball and Girls' Cricket left for Barbados today. With the international cricket festival ongoing, and the Felsted Summer School starting on Sunday, it remains a busy time at school!

As I mentioned on Friday, in the coming year, we are trying something else - we are running a marathon - as we set out to ‘Beat Mo’. Mo Farah is the British record holder for the marathon at 2 hours 6 minutes and 22 seconds, the equivalent of running just over 200 x 200m sprints, each one in around 35 seconds. We will be running in relay teams, trying to complete our marathon inside Mo’s time. As with all fund-raising, we are not looking for mum and dad just to put their hands in their pockets to support this. We want the pupils to do something to deserve that money - to do some chores, cut the grass, wash the car, walk the dog, or whatever it is to raise as much as possible. Alternatively, give something up, to raise some funds, so forego that pizza, that trip to the shop, or walk instead of taking a taxi, and put that money towards the fund-raising effort in September. Together we hope to beat Mo, and perhaps even to threaten the World Record.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer. Do let us know if you are doing anything special over the summer, take pictures that you can share with the school, and I look forward to seeing most of you back in September. For those who are going on to do other things next year, the very best wishes, and do stay in touch.

Chris Townsend


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