Prep Head's Blog: What's your favourite month?

On Thursday we held our annual Remembrance Day service in the chapel for Yr3-8. We were fortunate to be joined by Emmanuel, a serving officer within the logistics division of the British army and an ordained minister. He spoke about protection and how important it is in our lives-he showed the pupils how he is physically protected with his combat gear including his helmet and body protector. But he also spoke about the other ways of protecting each other-things that we must all work hard at including kindness and empathy-just looking out for each other.  He also touched upon how important it is to remember and give thanks for those that have perished over the years in conflict, so as to keep us all safe and defend our freedom. After the service he told me he had just returned from a duty in Cyprus but was now heading to Kenya for another 5 months- certainly service I think you’ll agree.  As always, it was a very poignant chapel service and I would like to thank all the pupils, the staff, the choir as well as the Chaplain for overseeing such an important moment in our calendar. 

Obviously this moment falls upon a very specific time of the year.  With this in mind, the focus for my assembly centred around our calendar and I began by asking the children which month of the year was their favourite. Naturally, the answers were spread across the whole year depending upon many things including birthdays, better weather or holidays! I then asked the children whether any of them have read the book Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It is a story about an orphan girl who goes to live with two elderly people who need help on their farm. The farm, Green Gables, is in a quiet town on Prince Edward Island in Canada.


In the book, Anne says, ‘I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.’ and I asked the children what she may have meant by this statement. October in Canada is known to be very beautiful. In a land of many trees, autumn - or ‘fall’ as it is known in North America - provides a glorious technicolour landscape of oranges, reds and browns.  We then discussed how some people can feel a little “down” in November as the nights draw in, however, we also decided that it has many great things about it too!  Bonfire night, getting closer to Christmas, the way the sunlight falls on foliage that turns from green to orange to red, crunching through leaves underfoot, watching squirrels on the hunt for the last nuts before hibernation and darker nights that are good for stargazing were all mentioned- how true!

If we look around us, we can find exciting and enjoyable things in most places. I encouraged the children to take the time to look around them in the week ahead- notice the beauty of November and this time of year.

Have a safe week





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