Prep Head's Blog: Owning Your Own Character

There has been a real sense of Autumn in school this week as we begin October!  It has been another incredibly busy week following the first of our Exeats last weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed some sort of rest and family time - such important things to do in these times. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting into classrooms this week to see some incredible learning going on.  Please, if you don't already, follow our Twitter handles to catch up on everything going on across the Prep School each day.  My highlights this week were seeing the pictures from the Year 3 Kentwell Hall trip, the Y3/Y4 podcast team in action, as well as some Year 8 Science work on leaf structures - incredible variety I think you’ll agree.

It has also been well-being week across the Prep and Pre Prep.  Of course, every week should be a well-being week as we strive to look after ourselves and each other as best we can.  However, we have had the ‘A’ - Life team in school this week working with every pupil from Y1 - Y8.  There is more about this initiative within the newsletter and I urge you to read it and/or ask your child(ren) about the activities that they have partaken in over the past couple of days.

Linked to this, Mr Manley led our Prep School assembly this week on the theme of ‘owning your own character’.  He used the analogy of a balanced Jenga tower to illustrate the importance of our character.  The Jenga tower is made up of lots of bricks and they represent all the positive feelings and values that you have.  When you look after those bricks, you have a strong tower and character.  However, your tower can soon become unstable if you neglect those positives that we have.  We then thought about those positive bricks that create your character tower - trust, patience, creativity, courage and kindness all spring to mind.  We also focused on the important idea that these strengths will be very ‘diverse’ given the fact that we are all different - and that difference is to be celebrated.

It’s also important to support each other's tower and keep it upright by listening, reminding others of their good characteristics and knowing that it’s okay to ask for help.  

I hope we can continue to develop our young Felstedians characters in these ways.

Simon James


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