Prep Head's Blog - Message in a Bottle

As the temperature drops it was wonderful to be able to hold our festive Christmas Cracker concert last week. I am very appreciative of everyone’s understanding of the need for a reduced capacity and the slightly chilly ventilation, but we continue to do these things to ensure everyone’s safety is right at the forefront of our minds, especially as the Christmas break approaches.

I know that everyone will enjoy the performances of Ebenezer and the Stewart House nativities in the coming weeks. That said, the concert last night was indeed a ‘cracker’ and I am very grateful to the children, the music staff and the inspirational duo of Mr Rees and Mrs Clarke! Thank you also for the lovely messages of appreciation that we have received since the performance.

Continuing our theme of kindness and encouraging the active good behaviour we all like to see, my Prep school assembly was entitled ‘Message in a bottle’. This has been a traditional activity for a number of years (and not one which I am advocating now) given our environment, however, there are some fantastic historical stories. For example in 1954, 18 bottles were salvaged from a ship that sank 250 years earlier off the English coast. The liquid in them was unrecognisable, but the glass bottles were as good as new. I then told the children about some real life messages. My favourite was the one that was dropped overboard by a Swedish sailor called Ake Viking. The bottle was picked up in a fishing net by a Sicilian fisherman. The message inside read, “ If anyone finds this, please write!” The fisherman gave it to his daughter, Paolina, who wrote back and the couple subsequently married!! 

The point of this was to emphasise to the children, the difference a few words or kind actions, can make to people’s lives on a daily basis. I challenged them to think about what their message might be to make a difference for the better of everyone.

Have a restful exeat.