Prep Head's Blog: Memory

Our assembly this week in the Prep School started with a quick (yet competitive game) of Kim’s game. On the large screen were displayed 24 everyday items including a clock, a saucepan and a pair of shoes to name but a few. The items were left on the screen for 30 seconds for everyone to memorise (or at least try!). We followed that with a discussion about how we are not always as good at remembering things as we could be. For example, many of us adults have reminders on our phones or an electronic diary to remind us of what’s on! I’m forever forgetting things which I am convinced is a talent really - I don’t think Mrs James would agree.

We then returned to the items that we had shown before and we were amazed at how many of them were remembered by the children. Memories are of course wonderful and important, but it’s also good if we can find ways to remember special things that are important to other people. It means a lot to people if we remember their birthday, ask how their day was or ask about how a certain event went – it shows we care.

Therefore, as we approach this festive period it is also vital we remember that how, in the big scheme of things, we are very fortunate. This has been displayed in abundance this week in school through wonderful performances of Ebenezer by Y3/4, delightful nativity shows by the Pre Prep and what will be a very festive Carol Service on Sunday for Y7/8 and families. I am sorry we can’t invite everyone but we do need to mitigate risk at our events and I thank you for your understanding.

There has been some fantastic hockey and rugby played as their respective seasons draw to a close, as well as league matches. We also took part in an international student dialogue exchange with Delhi Public School to discuss water issues in India and the UK - a fantastic opportunity to build global understanding and share ideas.

As we approach the end of term, I would like to formally wish you all a safe, happy and enjoyable festive break. I would continue to urge you to use lateral flow tests throughout the holiday period, in order to keep everyone safe.

Here’s to a happy last few days of term.

Simon James