Prep Head's Blog - Kindness Makes a Difference

The real focus for this week in school has been on kindness. This is something that we talk about a lot given its importance all of the time. However, two events this week that we have supported as a community, only look to strengthen that commitment even further.

Firstly, we were treated to an assembly given by Mrs O'Brien and two senior school prefects, Peter and Debbie.  It's message supported National Anti-Bullying week and our Odd Socks day on Monday.  The purpose of odd socks day is to celebrate what makes us all unique-though we are different, we are all the same.  We talked about how, as a community, Felsted is inclusive and celebrates each other's differences.  Peter outlined the fact that the person sitting next to you has different interests and motivations, things you may not know they like and things that make them different from you. These differences enrich us as a school, make us better people and show that we make things better for everyone together.

Debbie then told us about the "One Kind Word" message for this year.  It can be as simple as asking if someone is feeling ok or complimenting them.  The power of our words is immeasurable and that is why it is so important to say at least one kind word because it can instantly change someone's perspective.  They then shared the following video clip with us to celebrate their message: Click here to watch.

Today has been Children in Need Day where everyone has worn their own clothes and adorned spots or stripes in Stewart House!  It has been a day of showing kindness and support to those in more need than ourselves- a day of service and hopefully making a difference to a lot of lives.  Thank you for your generous support of this and I wish you all a happy and safe week.

Simon James


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