Prep Head's Blog - French Day

Last week in the Prep School we were fortunate enough to celebrate French Day on Tuesday.  Part of this included an assembly that was designed and presented by our Language ambassadors from Courtauld House, with the inspirational support of our Modern Languages teachers.  

The focus was on igniting the children’s passion for French culture and, of course,the language; where it is spoken in the world and how it has evolved. We heard about Corsica as a destination and were treated to an interview with Madame Imber, who enlightened us about her upbringing in France and her favourite things about her homeland.

This got me thinking about the importance of learning a foreign language and what it can give us. It can be incredibly challenging at times, but it is also incredibly rewarding - so why should we do it?  The following 3 ideas are some that have been suggested:

1. You can truly experience new cultures.
Knowing the language of a country allows you to experience that culture in a much deeper and more profound way. The intricacies of a culture emerge through how people express themselves more than anything else. There’s no better way to learn about a foreign culture than engaging in conversation.

2. You are exposed to new ideas.
Think of all the incredible literature that is available in other languages, or loses some of its beauty when translated. Knowing a different language opens up the world in so many ways, especially in allowing for increased exposure to new ideas.

3. You celebrate difference. 
Language acquisition allows for international experiences of richness and depth. Engaging those who might seem different from you will help you realise that kindness exists all over the world, and there is no reason to fear those who don’t share your culture.

Of course, there are many more reasons and I would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to add to these thoughts.  At Felsted we will continue to celebrate language acquisition and will endeavour to share more with you in due course.

Have a good week

Simon James


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