Prep Head's Blog: Creativity

As ever, I have had the privilege of getting into numerous classrooms this week.  My visit to Stewart House on Thursday morning, watching our nativities and Ebeneezer productions, as well as seeing creative writing and science lessons really made me consider again the importance of creativity within our classrooms at Felsted Prep and how valuable it is.

A good classroom environment always has some elements of creativity which makes the lessons more interesting and interactive. The right mix of creativity along with curriculum helps children to be innovative and also encourages them to learn new things. Children can grow up as good communicators in addition to improving their emotional and social skills.

Creative classrooms give an opportunity for children to learn with fun. The teaching activities such as storytelling, for example, help them to learn without the pressure of learning.

Fun collaborative activities are built into what we do so as to promote creative thinking in groups and helping them to learn about accepting others’ ideas. A creative approach to learning makes them more open with the puzzles that come their way and gives them a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Creative expression is important for our children to build their emotional development. Importantly, this has to happen at the earliest opportunity so that they grow up by responding well to the happenings around them. Creativity gives them that freedom to explore the surroundings and learn new things from them. It can also stimulate the imaginative thinking capability in our children. That is why our teachers promote activities such as open-ended questions, creative team building activities, brainstorming sessions and debates amidst busy curriculum schedules.

A classroom environment that promotes creativity opens them to a world of communication. Children can make better conversation and stimulate innovative thinking and talking sessions in their free time. This also triggers group problem solving and shared learning that gives them a feeling of togetherness. This kind of shared creative experience helps them to open up to one another and grow up as better communicators.

Working out their passions, in addition to excelling academically, is important for our children to be successful in life.We should give space for our children to follow their passions whether it is music, dance, poetry, drawing, sport or other forms.

A person with a creative mindset always has that craving to learn new things and this helps them to have that amazing feeling of lifelong learning. A curious mind always loves to learn more and the creative classroom can build up that mindset in children through unconventional ways. 

Every child at Felsted Prep has some inbuilt creativity in them and we certainly aim, as teachers, to help them grow up as creative individuals.

Have a good week

Simon James