Prep Headmaster's Blog: ‘What do we mean by the word “bold”?’

We often speak about colours, patterns and product designs as being bold. In this sense, ‘bold’ means having a strong, vivid or clear appearance. For example, we might observe that a particular celebrity has an especially bold way of dressing.

However, when we use the word ‘bold’ to describe a person, action or idea, it has a slightly different meaning. It denotes ‘a willingness to take risks;to be confident and courageous’.

That’s the meaning that we focused on in assembly: people who make bold moves. That is, people who show courage and confidence, and are willing to take a risk for the greater good.  Everyone has shown boldness this week by returning to school, for instance.

I introduced the children to Buffy and Alex, a couple who recently moved from their home in Bristol to the Isle of Rum, a remote Scottish island that they’d never visited before. Many of us would consider this to be a bold move.It is a bold move to set up home in a new place, but it takes real bravery to throw your belongings in a van and set out for life on a remote island that you’ve never even visited! 

Yet that’s what Buffy and Alex did, as you can see in the video clip here.

We then reflected upon the bold moves that we have already or  may be called to consider in our own lives.

 - One bold move might involve taking a risk in our learning and rising to some new challenge.

- Another might involve taking the bold step to believe in ourselves when we are feeling low and lacking self-confidence.

 All in all, the children have shown great enthusiasm this week with our return to onsite schooling.  Long may this continue.

Simon James


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