Prep Headmaster's Blog: ‘We reap what we sow’

The theme of our assembly this week focused around the well-known phase ‘We reap what we sow’ - to consider how we can make a difference in the world by sowing words and actions of love and truth. We likened this to the humble mustard seed which, though small and insignificant, has the potential to grow and become useful.

This is what happens when we care about each other and enjoy life to the full; we can create a harvest of good in the school and world around us. The potential is all there - we just need to sometimes have the patience and understanding, to keep living honestly, faithfully and cheerfully. 

We then considered all the possibilities and opportunities that we have in the coming year to bring good into someone else's life. 
We finished off by watching the following video of the poem, ‘Making a Difference’ by Lemn Sissay, the renowned and inspirational poet and Chancellor of the University of Manchester.

If you have a spare couple of minutes, do watch the video below

Simon James