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Prep Headmaster's Blog: There is great strength in community

We have been bowled over by the gratitude and waves of emails thanking us for the remote learning provision of the past few days. Indeed, the staff have worked incredibly hard (as well as the children) to ensure life goes on as normally as possible. 
In the Prep school, I know that Google Classroom has proven to be invaluable and we will continue to make further and enhanced use of that in due course. Tapestry has been an excellent forum for the Pupils to share their work in Stewart House. Rest assured, we are looking at the technology at our disposal to make things even better when Learning resumes.

We have been travelling through uncharted territory; and these are uncertain times. I want to pay tribute, again, to the children for the way they have conducted themselves.

Human beings don’t much like uncertainty. We like to know what is coming next. We may like the odd surprise – pleasant ones – but as a general rule we want to be in control of what happens to us. We like to be in command of events. However, we are all living in times where events are controlling us.
There is great strength in community and we can continue to draw strength from each other. However, the truth is that these coming weeks and months are going to challenge us as a society; and they are going to challenge us as individuals. I know we, as the Felsted family, will rise to those challenges - we will stay connected by whatever means we can and we will come out the other end much stronger for the experience.
Our school motto; “Garde ta Foy” - tells us to “Keep your faith.” If ever it was more apt...then it is now. We need our children to live out our Felstedian values and make sure that they are developing their character and making a difference where they can in the coming weeks. 
We are a community of learning and this will, of course, continue to be the case. I’m deeply proud of our pupils, who are rising to this unprecedented situation with great vigour. 
A Year 4 pupil wrote in to say “ tough times don’t last, but tough people do!” I think this said it all.
Finally, I just want to say-please stay safe, look out for each other and enjoy the family time.
With the very best of wishes