Prep Headmaster's Blog: The joy of creativity

I am an avid fan of the television series ‘Dragon’s Den’ which has reappeared on our screens recently.  The reason behind my fascination is the wonder of creativity that some of the entrepreneurs come up with.  Agreed, there are some weird and strange inventions, however, within these there are also some gems which entice the Dragons to invest.  It was with this in mind, and my continued enjoyment of Clare Balding’s book, where she talks about the ‘spark of creativity’ that I chose this theme as my focus for assembly last week. 

Maya Angelou, the famous poet, once said “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have”.  I really like this thought as it focuses on the reality that creativity breeds further creativity - it is infectious.  I challenged the children to think about the best idea they’ve ever had - perhaps a unique game they’ve invented or a piece of art they’ve created.  Our imagination is an amazing tool at all of our disposal if we work hard at switching it on.  Sometimes this requires courage - courage to be brave to say what you think, suggest alternative solutions, encourage inventive thinking and different ways of solving some of the problems we face in our everyday life.

We discussed the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci who, alongside his great art, work designed carts, bridges and devices to breathe underwater!  However, I also shared a video of a modern day creative phenomenon, Stephen Wiltshire.  Stephen, who is diagnosed with autism, is an incredible artist.  Such is his creativity, he can draw cityscapes from memory. 

As part of our mental health well-being week the whole Prep School has been focusing on ‘Diversity’ and what it means at FPS and in the context of the wider world.  I am very grateful to Mr Manley for providing everyone with the resources to produce our form Diversity bunting.  It has been a wonderful exercise to engage with.

Have a good week

Simon James


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