Prep Headmaster's Blog: The importance of 'service'

Everyone is working incredibly hard at Felsted Prep and I am eternally grateful to the pupils for their energy, the teaching staff for their professionalism and drive, whilst not forgetting our wonderful catering, grounds and maintenance staff who are enabling us to operate safely in this 'new world'.

One of our key messages at school is the importance of 'service' - of making someone else's life that little bit better.  This can be of course the giving time, money or even a simple 'hello' or smile.  The pupils have excelled in this over the past fortnight with their support of Children in Need, Red to Remember and Felsted Aid.  There have also been some individual acts of service which have warmed the heart.  Thank you to everyone.

We all wore odd socks recently to highlight Anti-Bullying Day.  I thought I would share some lyrics from a song that was commissioned for the day:

Just take a look around you,
What do you see?
Kids with feelings,
Like you and me.
Understand them, and they'll understand you;
For you are them, and they are you.
If we stand together
Then we're stronger and we'll never feel left out in the cold looking over a shoulder
We have to make friends take care of each-other
Through the ups and downs like sisters and brothers
Ignore the negative and stay with the music
Work on the positive and love like you choose it
We all have differences and that's ok
The kids are United and United we'll stay!

A strong message that should pervade schools and society in general.

Have a very good week.

Simon James