Prep Headmaster's Blog: The importance of kindness

The quality and variety of the work and co curricular engagement continues to impress me - I am so proud of everyone; pupils, staff and parents who continue to support our children’s learning either in school or remotely.  I hope all the Prep children were excited about the announcement of our Virtual Sports Week. Good luck to everyone - get involved and may the best League win!
Click here to find out more about Felsted Prep’s Virtual Sports Week

This week I was sent the following poem by Brain Bilston which I felt encapsulated so much about the importance of kindness, not just in these times, but all the time. It is incredibly poignant and just reminds us how powerful it is - I hope you enjoy it at the end of another very busy week for everyone.
To recap what we now know: it did not begin
in a laboratory in Wuhan, nor with a pangolin or bat,
but it already lay dormant within us, like a seed
in need of certain conditions to grow;
its symptoms are many and various,
and may include some, or all, of the following:
tear drops, sudden laughter, a feeling of warmth,
and a peculiar uplifting of the heart;
it leaves its traces everywhere: from boxes
left on doorsteps to conversations over fences;
it can be transmitted over vast distances,
through a phone call, or from a smile across a street,
or a certain softness of tone spoken beside
a hospital bed; it affects young and old equally;
there is no race or gender immune from it;
it has the power to topple bad governments;
if one person were to pass it on to just three others
and they, in turn, were to pass it on to three more,
in no time at all, the world would be full of it,
and where, might we ask ourselves, would we be then.

Have a safe and happy week
Simon James