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Prep Headmaster’s Blog: The benefits of reading together

The Prep School was taken over by storybook villains and favourite characters from the world of Literature, as we celebrated World Book Day. 

Many would say it was just a normal day at Felsted Prep School with Bill Sykes, adorning a 3 piece Tweed suit and top hat (aka Mr Fincher) and the Demon Headmaster, overseeing proceedings in the car park at drop-off, and one of the Ugly sisters (Mrs Green)) greeting the Year 3-6 children by the red doors!

I was mightily impressed by the variety of outfits and characters that the children had chosen for the day. I am also very grateful to all you parents for providing them!  We held a special assembly where pupils and staff read their books in a ten minute “Big Read” . The library Q.I’s also held a quiz for the pupils focusing on the characters they had dressed up as.

The children’s knowledge was very impressive and I certainly learnt a lot about some classic villains! The continuing success of our Accelerated Reader Scheme throughout the Prep School really comes to the fore on occasions like this, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Pilcher for her sterling work in the library.

I recently read an article entitled “The benefits of reading together”. Now, I won't go through all aspects of it with you, but I do think its interesting to highlight some that I thought worthy of note.

  • Parents reading to children stimulates independent reading for pleasure.
  • Reading, especially at bedtime, provides quality moments for both parent and child.
  • For children, being read to is fun, deeply reassuring and calming.
  • For parents, reading to a child is a bonding and affirming experience

As we all know, the benefits of reading are many and varied. Creating that love of reading in children is so important. Enjoyment, creativity, relaxation, escapism and improved communication skills are just a few and I hope yesterday just added to that journey of discovery.

Simon James