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Prep Headmaster’s Blog: Standing at the Door

Firstly, may I wish everyone a Happy New Year and wonderful 2020! I hope you all enjoyed a restful and festive Christmas break and are all refreshed for the excitement and challenges that any new calendar year brings.
In assembly this week with the Prep school, I began by showing them a picture of the Roman God, Janus (see pic below). We discussed how Janus was depicted with two full faces facing in opposite directions. Janus was known as the god of doors and doorways, and it was thought that because he has two faces, he could see forwards and backwards at the same time. In fact January - the first month of the year - is named after him. We then looked at a number of famous doors including the Gringotts vault door from Harry Potter, the door of Bilbo Baggins house from the Hobbit and the door of 10 Downing Street!

We thought about how the New Year is often regarded as an unopened door because we are uncertain about what we may find on the other side. A closed door may hide secrets, but an open door is an invitation to enter. It offers invitation, a welcome and acceptance. If we stand before the door of the New Year, it is closed to us at first, but when it is opened, we will not be disappointed. I do wonder how many of us made ‘resolutions’ for the New Year and how many of those are being kept?! 

We took this opportunity to reflect, to look back through the door of the last year before looking forward through the door of 2020 - to be a better version of ourselves, to think more about others and to make a difference in every way we possibly can.

This term has much to look forward to and it has been great getting around school these past few days seeing the buzz of achievement and enjoyment. 
Simon James