Prep Headmaster’s Blog: Small ideas… big consequences

My theme for a recent Prep School assembly centred around the theme of creativity. In a world where our futures depend upon new inventions and ideas, creativity is a skill that we should harness in every child. I used the analogy that all plants have small beginnings, such as seeds, and in time, given the right conditions, they develop into something much bigger. Sometimes they can last many years, as in the case of the oak tree.

Throughout time many people have had small ideas – “The seeds of an idea” – which have had big consequences, Until the twentieth century all writing instruments used liquid ink which could become messy if spilt! In the 1940s a Hungarian journalist, Laszlo Biro, had the idea of using a small steel ball in his pens to control the ink flow and so prevent ink blots. This idea was an overnight success. The British government were so impressed that they bought the rights to his invention, paying Biro for his idea, and naming the pen after him. 80 years on, we still use them everyday!

During this past term I have been so impressed by the creativity our pupils have displayed, from their artwork, musical compositions, model making or cooking – so much creativity has blossomed. It has been a joy to see entries for our competitions or the wonderful creations that lessons have inspired.

Simon James