Prep Headmaster's Blog: Motivation

My focus in assembly this last week centred around ‘motivation’ - the desire to do things even when they’re not easy.  Our levels of motivation fluctuate greatly, usually dependant on what it is that needs doing or how we are feeling at the time.  

It takes great effort and resilience to focus on finding that motivation.  Other times, the end goal is wanted so much that the motivation is easy to find!  At the moment, I have a desire to get fitter, however, making a cup of tea and having a chocolate digestive instead of getting out there and running seems to be winning!  

There are, of course, factors that do motivate people - such as impressing parents, proving something to people who doubt you, supporting teammates or friends or simply making yourself proud.

Finding things and activities in life are key here.  The feeling of losing yourself in something is one of the best motivations going. It means you’ll return to it again and again.  There is no big secret - whatever your goal for the year is, you can get there as long as you’re honest with yourself about the preparation and hard work involved.  

It’s just you, the moment and a decision.  Over this weekend, why not have a think about what truly motivates you…

Have a good week.

Simon James


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