Prep Headmaster’s Blog: ‘In a world where you can be anything... choose kindness’

Our Felsted Prep School assembly this week was superbly led by Mr Manley, our Prep Head of PSHE, on the theme of Anti-Bullying Day and kindness. As was the order of the day across the country, the whole Felsted community wore odd socks for the day. Why odd socks I hear you cry? Well, socks can help us express ourselves and are very much part of our personality. By making a small change to what we are wearing for the day, we are sending a clear message that different is fine! The array of colour that was apparent all day was fantastic and I applaud everyone for their endeavours and for entering into the spirit.

Mr Manley continued our message of kindness with the quote, ‘In a world where you can be anything …… choose kindness’. It is a language that we can all speak and show. He alluded to the fact that kindness is very much part of our British Values of Democracy - where we listen respectfully to everyone’s point of view and, Tolerance - where we are accepting of everyone’s backgrounds and beliefs. Mr Manley highlighted acts of kindness from the news and shared the board below from the London Underground - a wonderful poem that everyone appreciated. To celebrate kindness, with the artistic help of Felsted’s Miss Mitch, we have created a Kindness Tree in the Ross Hall, where all the children have been encouraged to go and post a random act of kindness they have seen or done. 


Armistice Day was remembered on Monday 11 November in the Chapel and I am very grateful to the choir for singing so beautifully, our Senior CCF flag bearers and Brigadier Dobbie who addressed us all. A great time to reflect where thanks and remembrance were certainly honoured.

Simon James